More than 400 years ago, when glass windows were considered a luxury for only the rich, rough-hewn shutters protected a home's interior from the elements. Throughout the centuries, skilled artisans created wood shutters that would become a staple in many homes for decorative, as well as functional, reasons.

Now, the distinctive designs of Graber Traditions Shutters continue this legacy of Old World craftsmanship. known for their beauty and quality, Traditions Shutters are an investment in your home that will last a lifetime. Graber Traditions Shutters are a perfect combination of the practical and the beautiful, adding depth, warmth and beauty to your home. They provide light control, energy efficiency, and privacy - tilt louvers to let in as much, or as little, of the outside world as you want. Each shutter is constructed with an attention to detail designed to last a lifetime - custom measured and installed based on your window's unique characteristics to ensure a precise lift. Their unmistakable beauty exemplifies our skill in building a quality shutter for your home.

This same skill and craftmanship is used when building our Traditions Wood Blinds. Used along side our wood shutters, they complement each other perfectly. Choosing an appropriate color for your Graber Traditions Wood Shutters is critical to pulling a room's decor together. If you don't find a color you want from our basic or Traditions wood blind color selections, you'll love this option! We will match your shutters to woodwork, wall coverings, paint, fabric - to any color you can imagine! Just provide a color swatch or sample and our expert color technicians, using advanced color matching technology, will provide a beautiful color match. Graber Custom Color Matching means you never have to compromise on color again!